Florida Wine Academy

I had an incredible time at the Florida Wine Academy when I went for my Wine Class and learned so many new and important things I didn’t know.

National Rum Day Fest

This past August 16th, we celebrated in our beautiful Miami, The 2nd Annual National Rum Day Fest

Arabian Chicken with Tahini Sauce

I love cooking, eating and sharing as a family, but what I like most is not to waste food. I bought the famous roasted chicken from BJs, very good. My daughter and I enjoyed it, but the problem is that we had over half leftover, so I decided to use it the next day as an appetizer

A Trip to Gainesville, FL

Un viaje a la ciudad de Gainesville, en donde visitamos a mi hijo en la Universidad de la Florida.

Master Talk Live

Ayudar al crecimiento y transformación es uno de los lemas de Coaching Hub. Este Sábado en la mañana siete panelistas fenomenales nos enriquecieron.