Florida Wine Academy

I had an incredible time at the Florida Wine Academy when I went for my Wine Class and learned so many new and important things I didn’t know.

National Rum Day Fest

This past August 16th, we celebrated in our beautiful Miami, The 2nd Annual National Rum Day Fest

Arabian Chicken with Tahini Sauce

I love cooking, eating and sharing as a family, but what I like most is not to waste food. I bought the famous roasted chicken from BJs, very good. My daughter and I enjoyed it, but the problem is that we had over half leftover, so I decided to use it the next day as…

A Trip to Gainesville, FL

Un viaje a la ciudad de Gainesville, en donde visitamos a mi hijo en la Universidad de la Florida.

Master Talk Live

Ayudar al crecimiento y transformación es uno de los lemas de Coaching Hub. Este Sábado en la mañana siete panelistas fenomenales nos enriquecieron.

El Negocio de ser Madre.

El pasado Martes, el maravilloso Luis Cones, nos llevo a una jornada dedicada a la madre, porque la mujer siempre está vendiendo. Y esto fue lo que aprendi de E

A Day in Deerfield Beach.

And nothing else better than spending it at Oceans234! I LOVED it from the beginning to the end…where should I start with? Once you enter this wonderful place, you automatically fell in love as I did with the view. The hostess greeted me with a beautiful smile and nicely took me to my table. Walking…